The following links are to IIIF manifests which allow direct comparison of the images used in the project manuscripts in relation to the same point in the Prose Apocalypse’s translation of the Vulgate. Each link will open a separate page containing an instance of the image viewer Mirador, which will allow you to juxtapose and compare the images in various ways. To view all images together, change the view type (upper right) to ‘Scroll view’.

  1. Prologues
  2. John preaching (Apoc. 1:9)
  3. Christ with sword in mouth (Apoc. 1:12)
  4. John sleeps (Apoc. 1:17)
  5. John receives command to write (Apoc. 2:1)
  6. John in the spirit (Apoc. 4:1)
  7. Throne in Heaven (Apoc. 4:2)
  8. Opening of the fourth seal (Apoc. 6:7)
  9. Battle in Heaven (Apoc. 12:7)
  10. Whore of Babylon (Apoc. 17:6)